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  • A Return to the Sea: Foam Upon the Waves

    What happens when a mermaid dies? Is there a mermaid funeral? In popular literature, the original Little Mermaid redeems her soulless self by joining the air nymphs and beginning a journey that could one day allow her to reincarnate as a being with a soul. The rest of her mermaid kind is doomed to long life and then obliteration, their

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  • Cerean Wedding Traditions

    Every culture in the world has some sort of ceremony surrounding bringing two people together and the Cereans are no different, with their own range of wedding traditions. First off, how do the Cereans meet their match? Family means everything in Cerea, where small farm holds and settlements mean the family you live with are often the only people you see

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  • Bonded for Life: Zephyrus Love

    First things first! Air Riders is free to download from Amazon, today only! So go ahead and start reading now. If you want to find out more about the Zephyrus’ alternate wedding ceremony, keep on reading this post. Every culture has some sort of ceremony that brings two people together. The Zephyrus are no different. Bonding is a very serious thing, as there

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  • Hot Sauce & the Titaian Royalty

    Visit Pyrrhos to taste the delicious delicacies that make up Titaian Food Titaian Food is, as you might imagine, given to being hot and spicy. The Titaians as a race appreciate the finer things in life and this extends to their mealtimes as well. As a realm that prospers greatly from trade with the other three realms, Titaians usually have access to a great

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  • Designing a Fantasy Map (and Why Trees Look Daft)

    Designing a fantasy map to complement your book can be just as hard, if not harder, than writing the story in the first place. It takes time and energy, but if you follow the basic tips and tricks below, you can start to pull a great fantasy map together. How much of the fantasy world have you sketched out in

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  • World Building: Fire Dancer

    In Fire Dancer, Kenna and four other fire princesses must battle against each other to win the throne, but will their growing bonds of sisterhood help, or hinder, them? The structure of Titaian society is complex. Due to the levels of flame wielded by each person, the social standing of each individual is subject to their ability to control themselves, the number of

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  • Inspiration & World Building: Wave Singers

    Here are some of the images that helped me properly picture the world I was writing about in Wave Singers and Regent. My stories are visually very rich and I love a good descriptive paragraph. I admit to going nuts on Pinterest with my inspiration boards as I build a new realm into being, creating people, culture, history, fantasy elements that differ

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  • World Building: Air Riders

    In Air Riders, Tai and Keiko’s relationship is fraught with unknown enemies and disaster as danger on their mountain home creeps ever slowly forward and betrayal lurks within their walls.   The Zephyrus are not overly religious; being attuned to the nature of their mountain home and the moods of the weather comes naturally to them, as do their flying abilities.

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  • World Building: Earth Drummer

    In Earth Drummer, Gentian and Geanna’s world is comparatively small to that experienced by characters in the rest of the Equilibria Collection. Without a journey or a quest, the trouble Gentian has to deal with is brewing at home, right under his nose. The land of Cerea was named for ‘Ceres’ the Roman version of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.

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  • World Building: Wave Singers

    In Wave Singers, the world Merry deals with is entirely different from that of every other book because she starts in the human realm, on Earth as you and I know it. In fact, the inspiration for Merry’s home town on the south coast of the UK was Brighton. Once she is transported to another realm, Merry finds herself in

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