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  • Earth to Earth: Returning to the Element

    First things first, before we get into Cerean Funerals – Google ‘mourning veils’ and see if you don’t creep yourself right out immediately. *Shudder* So, every horror movie ever made notwithstanding, let’s ignore the possible terror connotations of the mourning veil in the featured image and instead think of why one would wish to even wear such a thing and

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  • Cerean Wedding Traditions

    Every culture in the world has some sort of ceremony surrounding bringing two people together and the Cereans are no different, with their own range of wedding traditions. First off, how do the Cereans meet their match? Family means everything in Cerea, where small farm holds and settlements mean the family you live with are often the only people you see

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  • Bonded for Life: Zephyrus Love

    First things first! Air Riders is free to download from Amazon, today only! So go ahead and start reading now. If you want to find out more about the Zephyrus’ alternate wedding ceremony, keep on reading this post. Every culture has some sort of ceremony that brings two people together. The Zephyrus are no different. Bonding is a very serious thing, as there

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  • Minor Claim to Fame: Mindreading

    Is it mindreading magic if your emotions show up as different coloured flames on your arms? The Four Flames of Pyrrhos are intricately tied to the emotional state of the Fire Dancer that wields them and thus perform a kind of mindreading magic. A large portion of the princesses training before becoming Queen is learning to control their feelings – a

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