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  • Earth to Earth: Returning to the Element

    First things first, before we get into Cerean Funerals – Google ‘mourning veils’ and see if you don’t creep yourself right out immediately. *Shudder* So, every horror movie ever made notwithstanding, let’s ignore the possible terror connotations of the mourning veil in the featured image and instead think of why one would wish to even wear such a thing and

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  • The Ancient Greek Underworld

    The Underworld sounds like a scary place, but it was mostly just a giant holding cell for souls To the Ancient Greeks however, it didn’t have the same connotations as ‘Hell’ – it was just where you went once you died. The Underworld was a big place and was divided into districts. Depending on the type of life you lived

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  • Cerean Wedding Traditions

    Every culture in the world has some sort of ceremony surrounding bringing two people together and the Cereans are no different, with their own range of wedding traditions. First off, how do the Cereans meet their match? Family means everything in Cerea, where small farm holds and settlements mean the family you live with are often the only people you see

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  • Titaian Fiery Love

    Do Titaian’s have weddings? Or does their fiery love lead to different conclusions? As one might expect from a race that is practically ruled by their emotions – that’s certainly where their power source lies – love might be slightly more complicated than the average affaire l’amour. From the moment puberty hits and crushes are rampant, flames can burn out of control.

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  • I now pronounce you Man & Mer

    We’re going to talk about mermaid weddings We’ve discussed the shapeshifter culture of the Mer in the Equilibria Series – like how the water dwellers go about trading with other realms – but I know a lot of you are keen to know more about elements similar to all humans like weddings, funerals and life events. So I thought I’d take

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  • Developing the Bad Guy’s Character (Or, Why He Wants to Destroy the World)

    How to build the ‘Bad Guy’ from his first impression Looks are important. I know, I know, we don’t judge a book by the cover. Except, we kinda do, don’t we? Depending on the style of story you’re going for, you want a ‘Bad Guy’ who embodies everything evil in his physical appearance – let’s play on stereotypes here; Ugly, disfigured,

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  • On the Twenty-Third Day…’Regent’ by Echo Fox

    To be in with a chance to win an exclusive copy of the Regent novella from the world of Wave Singers, comment the answer to this question; The Mer are mammals, so their tails are similar to which marine creature? The tails, fins and flukes in Wave Singers and Regent are all slightly different from the average mer-tail. No scales, as the Mer are shape-shifters and

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  • Not Berries & Daiku Again! A Zephyrus Meal Diary

    I’ve decided to give you all a sneak peek into the daily life of a character other than Tai and Keiko in Air Riders. So here is Mayo, Tai’s 8 3/4 year old younger brother. A rambunctious type who hates his greens.  Day 1: Keiko went and told mother that I might eat my greens more if I knew more about them

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  • Equilibria Series Book Play Lists

    Have you ever listened to a soundtrack from a movie, over and over, reliving the scenes that played out before you on the screen? I’ve put together some playlists based around what I was listening to when I wrote the books, what inspired certain moods or scenes and songs that helped shape the characters. Listen & love! Let me know

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