Wave Singers

At the dawn of time, the harmonious land of Pangaea was split asunder. Cracks rent the ground and the fabric of reality was torn in two. New, separate lands were created and the peoples that had once lived together found themselves alone in strange new worlds…

The only future that eighteen year old Merry Malone sees for herself is one involving music. She needs to win a music scholarship or all her dreams will come to nothing.

However, the discovery of a mysterious locket leads Merry to a faraway land, with strange customs and an even stranger people, the Mer. Music plays a magical role here and Merry finds herself warming to this alternate reality.

In an epic battle to free the Mer from their tyrant king, should Merry trust Leander, her childhood best friend or Dylan, a man of the Mer?

Air Riders (Equilibria, #3)

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