Earth Drummer

Gentian is tiptoeing uncomfortably around his grieving father and headstrong twin sister, doing as he’s told for the sake of peace.

However, when strange fire-filled dreams start to take over his nights, Gentian faces a tricky decision. Should he go ahead with his own arranged marriage, his future all planned out before him? Or should he accept the Shaman’s offer of becoming his initiate and learning about Earth magic?

With his animal totem Tern to guide him, will Gentian be able to make his choice before his entire world spirals out of control?


Trouble is brewing in the harmonious land of Pangaea.

Ever since the continent was split into it’s four elemental parts by Strife, the balance has been edging ever so slightly in favour of the dark.

Now, four elementals just coming into their powers must meet Strife head on and restore balance to their world.

In ‘Wave Singers’, we met Merry and the people of Thera, the Mer.

In ‘Earth Drummer’, Gentian must make a decision that could save his people – or leave them to face the darkness alone.

Air Riders (Equilibria, #3)

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