Top 5 Ways to Procrastinate When Writing

Deadlines? Why worry about those when you can follow my procrastination tips and successfully avoid all semblance of work for another day (at least)?

I’m in the middle of writing my fifth book, as yet unnamed (although I have ideas…) and I’m behind. The late summer due date is looking very close for the amount of work I’ve done and yet I’ve just spent about an hour trying to come up with a blog post idea. Ah hem.

Here are my procrastination tips if you find yourself in a similar situation;

1. Decide that cake would help inordinately in the ability to make words flow from your fingers to the keyboard.

I suggest a crepe cake for the undeniable aesthetic (gotta think of that ‘gram!), the fact that making all those crepes will take aagggees and the likelihood that the ingredients are already in your cupboard. If you want to take the procrastination to expert level, head to the supermarket to pick up ingredients specially. I like the look of these beauties; Almond Crepe Cake with Raspberry Rose Cream, Pistachio & Coconut Crepe Cake and Medovik Cake (layers upon layers upon layers).

2. Play with cute fluffy critters. My go-to are cats and they are spectacular for distract – um, I mean, helping to inspire.

This one is easy. Find a critter that is desirous of play. You might have your own pets skulking around the house or you may need to head outside into the big wide world to encounter some dog walkers. You could make this a full-day inspiration trip by going to the zoo. On the off-chance that you cannot do any of these things, I have accumulated some helpful visuals for you; Loving his toesies, Gah, there are two of them, His tongue is out! and this is one cool dude.

3. Read a book! Nothing can help a person more when they are looking to procrastinate a little bit – or a lot – than picking up other words and reading them. From start to finish.

I’ve got a TBR longer than the height of my house so really, as a procrastination tip goes, this one is actually helping you to get through a list of things you want to do. It’s win-win! Here are a couple of the frontrunners on my TBR right now; The Falconer by Elizabeth May, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman, Citadel by Kate Mosse, The Wind Singer by William Nicholson and The Heir by Kiera Cass.

4. Make something! As far as procrastination tips go, one of my ultimate favourites is to go and create something with my hands, away from the screen of my computer so I can come back refreshed and ready to write again.

I have a Pinterest board filled with crafty ideas for downtimes (and procrastination times!), but here a few specially appropriate for right now; Make-Your-Own slippers, Origami Dragons, Polka Dot Hat, Getting My Watercolour On and Making Some Temporary Tattoos!

5. Sneakily do something you planned to do later instead, creating a circle of smugness as you do everything that was required but in a manner which makes you think you circumvented the proper order of things.

So, yes. This is my mind at it’s finest. I tend to try and start writing the part of the book that comes next, only to find that I want to write about the crazy scene in the middle. So I do. I skip forwards, write that scene and then, ahoy there matey! The writing frenzy has begun and I can sit back and let my fingers do the talking. I often write the beginning, end, bit of the middle, back to the beginning, odd bit part way through and finish with the fifth chapter. It all comes together in the end, even if the process is a tad mish-mash.

If that lot doesn’t take you all day (or all week), then I don’t think you’re doing this whole procrastination thing properly and you clearly need to practice. Get to it!

Do you procrastinate? What do you like to do when avoiding work? How did you like my procrastination tips? Let me know in the comments!

  1. Well, I do love to procrastinate so these are excellent tips 🙂 AND CREPE CAKES? How have I never heard of these before? Generally my go-to procrastination is just social media, though. I can’t help it. It’s a problem.

    • Author
      Echo Fox 6 years ago

      Pancakes forever, basically a personal motto of mine. Always helpful when procrastinating 😛

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