Earth to Earth: Returning to the Element

First things first, before we get into Cerean Funerals – Google ‘mourning veils’ and see if you don’t creep yourself right out immediately. *Shudder*

So, every horror movie ever made notwithstanding, let’s ignore the possible terror connotations of the mourning veil in the featured image and instead think of why one would wish to even wear such a thing and risk catching sight of it in the mirror and suffering a heart attack. Ah hem.

Back on track here, how do the Cereans go about celebrating life and mourning death?

When reading Earth Drummer it’s apparent that the Cereans worship all four of the Pangaean gods, are possibly a tad more religious because of it and that they hold Demeter in the highest regard. Demeter, the mother goddess has a dual nature relating to her daughter, causing bountiful crops throughout the Summer and Autumn and destroying everything to bring about Winter in defiance of Zeus‘ order that Persephone spend that part of the year with her husband, Hades.

They understand that death is merely the passing of their physical selves, while their spirits move on to the Underworld, Hades’ and Persephone’s realm. This is due to their Shaman‘s ability to move between the realms of life and death while still alive.

The Cereans have a better understanding of the circle of life due to their farmer roots

They realise that fear of death is usually fear of pain accompanying it and that death itself is fearless, as it a just a change of being. Thus ritual surrounds the death of a loved one, and mourning for the time that will be spent apart, but also joy for the Cereans know they will all meet again in the Underworld.

The physical body of the deceased is returned to the ground, the element from whence it originally came. The entire community comes out to support the mourners, to send off the spirit of the deceased to the Underworld with as much noise and merriment as possible in the hope of boosting the spirit’s journey to the Elysian Fields.

Are you interested in the rituals surrounding death in Pangaea? Do you wish I’d move onto a more joyous topic? Let me know in the comments!


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