Whispers by Sophie H. Morgan

Whispers by Sophie H. Morgan

Get ready for book two of the Divided Kingdom series by Sophie H. Morgan – it’s here and ready to knock your socks off!

He’s no pushover. And she ain’t no fairy princess.

No one would guess that Sapphy, awesome whirlwind of Maze badassness, grew up sheltered in the Fae realm. Witnessing a murder drove her into the humans’ broken cities to hide, but now she’s back, going undercover to keep history from repeating as the tournament to choose a new Fae queen dawns.

The only pebble in her shit-kicking boot is the jaw-gritting interference of Nathe Amergin, a Fae Enforcer whose solemn violet eyes set her skin to sizzle.

After the loss of his beloved sister, Nathe saved his last shred of sanity by clamping a lid on his emotions and forging a path to justice. When this frustrating, blue-eyed, my-go- or-I’ll- blow female informs him of a possible threat to the realm, his offer of support is genuine, if reluctant.

While he’s willing to work with her to protect his people, this sinful smart-ass skates perilously close to unleashing an avalanche of passion that, as the final choosing looms and whispers turn to screams, could bury them both.

Wowzers, am I right or am I right? That is a sizzling blurb – and I love the ‘Product Warning’ that goes along with it;

*Product Warnings* Contains ear-blushing sex between a flighty Fae with a mean air jab and a grounded Elemental who makes her earth move. Add a murderous queen clinging to power, and sabotage that strikes out of thin air. Anyone got ear plugs?

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I asked the author to write a little bit about how she goes about creating a fantasy world for her books – here’s what she had to say:

With a fantasy romance like WHISPERS, one of the main things I get asked is “how do you go about making up a world?” Every fantasy world has its own unique flavour, its own rules and races. I knew when I created the world the first book was set in, I wanted a mash-up of cultures, old meets new meets the future.

Basically, I wanted everything involved. That’s when you start having some fun with it. While ASHES was a very down and dirty crime, tough-loving, butt-kicking kind of a world, that was because of the characters. Similarly, the world in WHISPERS was born from one of the main characters: Nathe Amergin. Gentleman, warrior, solemn and old-fashioned and gorgeous.

This kind of man would bloom in a setting where time hasn’t marched on, where men still consider themselves the protector and shelter the female. Thus the realm WHISPERS is set in was created. A locked-down world where no stranger is permitted in and nobody is permitted to leave. As such, nothing much has changed. Their ruling system is similar to England’s back when The Virgin Queen sat on the throne – females were to be revered yet protected. But I didn’t want it to be boring and simply be handed down through blood. Maybe it was the fact that I LOVE A Knight’s Tale (the one with Heath Ledger). But I thought, huh, I’ll make it a competition to be queen. And the trials of the Six are born.

Once you have the main parts, the little details fall into place and you can start to be even more creative. Think about what you like to see in books and how you’d like it if you lived in such a world. Would you like to wield an uber-technical flash-gun? Or swing a sleek sword at your enemy?

Here’s some info on the author, Sophie H. Morgan;

Sophie H. Morgan is a paranormal romance author with a love for hot guys, sassy heroines, and HEAs that seem impossible. When not at the keyboard working out ways to drive her characters into each other’s arms, you can find her rambling about the English countryside with her crazy spaniels, shopping for one more pair of shoes, or devouring yet ANOTHER romance novel with ANOTHER bag of raisin cookies.

You can find out more or have a chat with the author on her Website, Facebook, Twitter @SophieHMorgan or Goodreads. Let me know what you like in your fantasy worlds in the comments below!

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