My Top 5 Evil Villains in Fantasy Fiction

Evil Villains are everywhere in fantasy fiction, waiting to trip up the hero and bring the world crashing down around them…

I’ve compiled a short top 5 list to highlight a couple of evil villains that pop to mind, only omitting the obvious ones – He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and Sauron, among others – to avoid listy repetitions.

Red Queen

The Red Queen had a standby fixture of the fantasy genre, a nasty ‘superior’ court and a serious class divide. The twisty turny ending revealed the true ‘baddies’ and left the MC reeling and betrayed.

The Selection Series

The girls in The Selection Series have to deal with the media tailing their every move in their journey towards professional princessdom, but the MC in particular has to deal with the class snobbishness of the King who seeks to undermine her at every turn.

Every Evil Stepmother, Ever (Snow White, Cinderella, etc)

I mean. Jealous? Power-hungry? Desperate for control? Check, check and check. All fairy tale stepmothers seem to lean towards the evil side of the scale for reasons unknown to history. Many of them enjoy seriously graphic violence or are sneaky poison dispensers.

Air Awakens Series

The Air Awakens Series has consumed me recently and I’m eagerly awaiting the fourth book’s release. The character development is on point and the enemy within goes from a potentially nice guy doing what he can for the greater good of his Empire to a full-on (class snob) maniac in book three.

Divergent Series

Ooh, those Erudites in the Divergent Series. I didn’t really like where this series went after the first book, but you gotta hand it to the peeps in blue – they know how to be bad. Always for the greater good of course, but bad is bad in my book.

Evil Villains

Do you agree with my choices? Do you think there is a bigger evil out there? Who am I missing off the list? Let me know on Twitter @EchoFoxBooks or in the comments below!


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