Top 5 Awesome Magical Powers

Here’s My Top 5 Awesome Magical Powers

1. Teleportation

Clearly an amazing skill to have, if I could blink and spend the afternoon sunning myself on a Caribbean beach and still be home in time for tea sans airfare, I’d clearly be winning at life. The only teleporter that comes to mind right now is Kurt in X-Men and while I fully believe the tail could be useful, I’m not sure about how I feel being blue.


2. Flight

Flying. I mean! I have those dreams where I’m soaring through the sky above the clouds and it is nothing short of brilliant. It’s a classic magical power for a reason, after all. I’m going to skip the obvious reference here (Air Riders, anyone?) and go for my favourite fantasy / sci-fi series, Dragonriders of Pern for that fabulous flying feeling. Maybe even a bit of Daenarys GoT stylee.


3. Flames of Pyyrhos

Okay, I know it is extremely bad taste to cite a magical power from one of my own books, but you know I write what I think is cool, right? In Fire Dancer the Titaian race has varying degrees of control over their emotions, reflected in their ability to wield the flames. Those flames can be used for creative – or destructive – means. Plus they’re different colours, which is awesome.


4. Time Control

I’m thinking nice and simple time control here, like ‘freeze’ or ‘rewind’, not super paradox time control that ends up with my head exploding in confusion as I catch a glimpse of myself from another time (alluded to in Hermione’s adventures with the Time Turner in HP 3 and also a distinct possibility in Chess Desall’s Call to Search Everywhen).


5. Allomancy

Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn magic was so very, very cool. First off; ingesting metal? Using the elemental quality of metal to produce magic? The series really made an impression on me – sure, it follows a couple of the clichés fantasy is well known for –  but they are all popular plots for a reason! The magic was groovy and it worked for me.


Do you have a particular favourite when it comes to Fantasy abilities? Do you have a recommendation to help me put a name to a power I’ve described? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @EchoFoxBooks.


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