Titaian Fiery Love

Do Titaian’s have weddings? Or does their fiery love lead to different conclusions?

As one might expect from a race that is practically ruled by their emotions – that’s certainly where their power source lies – love might be slightly more complicated than the average affaire l’amour.

From the moment puberty hits and crushes are rampant, flames can burn out of control. It’s a dangerous time in the life of any Titaian. No one wants to combust due to fancying the hot guy across the street. Literally, hot.

The Titaian self-control is legendary, that’s how they manage their flames in the day-to-day

Fiery love is worth having though and self-control doesn’t mean the passionate Titaians are doomed to live a loveless life. Instead, they have a relaxed attitude towards ceremonies surrounding love.

Instead of one single bonding ceremony, Titaians tend towards taking a lover and being together until the love runs out – they are constantly burning away excess emotion and sometimes, love is a casualty of this power.

That sounds kind of sad, do they not ever end up with a happily ever after?

Well, put frankly; the older a Titaian gets without blowing themselves up, the more control they have over their emotions and their powers. They can begin to feel things without becoming overwhelmed and they don’t have to burn away the excess to prevent combustion. So Titaians tend to get together as a couple later in life.

Then, if they desire, they can bond together. It is extremely dangerous though, for to be so intimately tied to another person’s wellbeing can be unwise. Should one partner leave or die, the remaining person within the bond could very well be consumed by the raw emotion left behind.

What do you think of the Fire People’s attitude towards love? Would you stick with a better safe than sorry mindset? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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