I now pronounce you Man & Mer

We’re going to talk about mermaid weddings

We’ve discussed the shapeshifter culture of the Mer in the Equilibria Series – like how the water dwellers go about trading with other realms – but I know a lot of you are keen to know more about elements similar to all humans like weddings, funerals and life events. So I thought I’d take some time today to sketch out a brief overview of a Mer ‘wedding’.

Back to basics – let’s review what we already know;

The Pomegranate is the first thing to play a part in a Mer couple’s journey from courtship to official recognition of their relationship. As Merry discovers in Wave Singers, taking a bite of the sacred pomegranate can lead to rather embarrassing conclusions being drawn.

This harks back to the myth of Persephone, whose own pomegranate eating caused her to be trapped in the Underworld for six months of every year, destroying the eternal Summer of the Golden Age and bringing Winter to the surface. By eating the pomegranate, Persephone was split in two. She became at once the young maiden, at home with her mother and also the grown women, in love with her husband Hades.

So, what about mermaid weddings? How do they work?

The Mer take the myth and use it for their own weddings. Couples become ‘engaged’ after sharing a pomegranate fruit to symbolise their devotion, with one half of the couple offering six seeds and the other half accepting and eating them.

For the ceremony itself, each couple has to prepare by searching for a pearl to gift to their other half. The pearl is indicative of putting time and effort into the relationship, of building a beautiful thing out of nothing and loving each other’s flaws. As a pearl is made by layering nacre over a grain of sand, so is it all about loving an imperfect person, perfectly.

Usually, couples exchange pearls and promises on their own, with much of the festivities occurring around the event and especially afterwards, with feasting, gifts and festivities.

Mermaid Weddings

Learn more about the underwater world of the Mer and let me know what you think of the mermaid weddings I’ve described in the comments!


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