Top Five Plucky Female Characters in Fantasy

Nicely lining up with International Women’s Day, I’d put a post together about my top five female fantasy characters. It was hard to narrow the list down as so many ladies get the awesome treatment in fantasy, but here are a couple of enduring favourites as well as a few stars from more recent series I’ve read.

In no particular order of brilliance, here are my top five female fantasy characters;

Ceony Twill from The Paper Magician

Ceony is very real. She has a phenomenal memory, yes, but she’s also socially naive, sarcastic, thoughtful, generous, hardworking and academically motivated. She does foolish things and then regrets them, she loves hard, she takes no prisoners. Ceony supports her family as best she can, tried to make something of herself and never turns down an adventure when it comes knocking.

Female Fantasy Characters Vin Mistborn
Vin Mistborn

Vin has had a hard life, but never been beaten down by it. She always rises to the top again. She discovers talents she never knew could be possible and she uses them for the greater good. She has a high moral standard and a willingness to sacrifice her own comfort for others to be happy. She is sarky, stubborn and strong willed.

Female Fantasy Characters Celaena Sardothien
Celaena Sardothien Throne of Glass

An assassin with a sassy streak, Celaena is all front. She plays her part, she lives her role and she never gets vulnerable. She knows what she is good at and she sticks to it for survival, ignoring past weaknesses and petty revenges in the short term for long term gains. When she loves, she loves deeply, loyally and all in.

Female Fantasy Characters Ce'Nedra
Ce’Nedra The Belgariad

Ce’Nedra is a spoilt little princess prone to throwing tantrums to get her own way who grows into a brave, courageous women who knows when to manipulate others and when to play nice. Friends and family are everything to her, but she can still appreciate and act on behalf of others for the greater good. She’s complex, but a delight if you get on her good side.

Female Fantasy Characters Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Harry Potter

Hermione sticks to her guns, knows what she can do and learns to conquer anything she can’t do. She is loyal to a fault, intelligent, brave and loving. She helps those who cannot speak out for themselves and she never boasts about her own fantastic abilities. She is humble, witty and dedicated to the rules – unless they need to be broken.

Five is so few! Here are three female fantasy character runners up;

Lyra His Dark Materials, Blue Bitterblue, Adelina Amouteru The Young Elites


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