Bonded for Life: Zephyrus Love

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Every culture has some sort of ceremony that brings two people together.

The Zephyrus are no different. Bonding is a very serious thing, as there is no way to undo it. Once a Zephyrus has found their other half, they are partners for life. In fact, it is so serious that the details of the ceremony are kept secret from the whole tribe at all times – only those undergoing the process will know what is involved.

This alternate wedding involves fantastical magic

The Pledge

Once Zephyrus come of age, they are able to court each other. From eighteen onwards, young Zephyrus may begin the path towards Bonding by agreeing to Pledge with a significant other.

The Pledge is a simple promise that connects the two temporarily, giving them a faint experience of the Bond. They must wait a minimum of a year after the Pledge, before they can confirm whether they with to go ahead with the Bond.

The Pledge promise is usually a small ceremony in itself, with the couple dressing to impress and surrounding themselves with family in order to approve the union.

The Bond

Each Zephyrus is asked to enter the trance state they are so accustomed to, after years of training in the taiga.

Once in this meditative state, they are called on to visualise their love for the other. To solidify their feelings within themselves.

Sound is used to help draw these feelings out into the open, exposing them for all to see. The emotions take on a dominant colour and as an intangible glow can be imprinted onto the ring finger of their other half.

This serves as a constant reminder of their love for each other, as well as a bond that allows them almost feel where the other one is, or a faint echo of their emotions at all times, although usually it is only extremes of emotion that echo.

Alternate wedding

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