Meat & Two Veg: The Traditional Grub of Cerea

I love world building, creating a culture for my stories and for me, culture begins with the dinner table…

Cerea is an expansive land, the realm of farming and food production and so it follows that the people would be big on ingredients and quality of what they eat. With each individual farmstead specialising in crops that flourish in their region, the business of growing is a family affair.

chicken sausage cerean food fantasy world building

I picture the entire family bundling into a cosy farmhouse kitchen after a day in the fields, or the orchards, tucking into a delicious home-cooked meal and discussing the events of the day and the gossip brought by travellers. With a roaring fire, savoury broths, roasts, fresh pastas, baked goods and sweet fruits packed in syrup for the winter, the dinner table would serve as the epicenter of a family’s life.


With smaller farmsteads supplementing their meals with hunted game, foraged fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries and their own livestock, meals would be varied and very farm-to-table. Fish could come from freshwater lakes and rivers scattered throughout the land, but hardier salt-water varieties could be an occasional treat traded for with the Mer, either fresh for those Cereans living to the west, or salted or smoked for those closer to the forests of Aither like Gentian.

Mushrooms fantasy world building

Find out more about Cerea and world building, meet Gentian’s twin sister Geanna or read a excerpt from the book, Earth Drummer.


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