Hot Sauce & the Titaian Royalty

Visit Pyrrhos to taste the delicious delicacies that make up Titaian Food

Titaian Food is, as you might imagine, given to being hot and spicy. The Titaians as a race appreciate the finer things in life and this extends to their mealtimes as well. As a realm that prospers greatly from trade with the other three realms, Titaians usually have access to a great deal of variety and this shows in their cooking.

Titaian Food

Titaians just love chocolatl

Chocolatl, a mysterious new crop developed by the Southern Cereans has started a new craze in the capital of Pyrrhos for chocolatl cookies. The nobles cannot get enough of the stuff and a special trade mission has been delegated to find out more and secure a constant import from Cerea.

Titaian Food

An industrious society, Titaians are not afraid to work hard

Chillis grow in abundance on the warm Southern slopes of the volcanoes in Pyrrhos, along with grape vines, citrus groves and olive trees. This fresh produce is some of the only plants to be actively cultivated by the Titaians, as they hired in Cerean farmers to teach them the basics. Of all the realms, Pyrrhos is the least afraid of change and is more than happy to bring on board experts to teach and help. Their central position in Pangaea has made them good mediators and industrious craftsman, channeling their artistic flames into the creation of tradable goods, like glass, ceramics, gold and mysteriously, futures…

sossakolde Titaian Food

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How does food in stories affect you? Do you like it described in detail, to make your mouth water? Or is it of little consequence and you’d prefer the author to just. get. on. with the story? Let me know in the comments!


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