Xavier: St Griswold College for Abandoned Boys by E.M.Cooper


St Griswold College began intriguingly but with a whole lot of confusion for the main character.

Pacy, with an intriguing start, my concerns that Xavier didn’t put up much of a fight when his parents abandoned him soon faded as I was drawn into the story. Alone, frightened and confused, Xavier’s story at the fearsome school for boys melds usual school details with strange happenings.

Things started to take a turn for the truly bizarre

With truly unsettling events rolling out in front of him, Xavier takes things in his stride. He joins up with pals Ethan and Gabe, the new boy with the odd mannerisms. They go about their daily life at the school, a grimy, old-world boarding institution with strict teachers and subjects like ‘Natural History’.

Xavier’s boundaries are pushed to their limits

Gradually, Xavier’s world gets darker and horrifying things start to happen. Ethan and Gabe are risk-takers and push Xavier into many situations he would rather avoid, but they learn a lot about the school and its inhabitants along the way. Xavier also begins to find out things about himself and his friends that he never thought possible.

Twists galore, you’ll never see what’s coming until it’s too late…

A dark romp through high school, with the story progressing into Mourn Forest and the outer world with twists and turns along every path. I will never again travel on a train at night without the phrase ‘a demon’s chocolate box’ popping up in my head. An original take on the dystopian / fantasy genre with an underlying edginess of a true Grimm’s fairytale.

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