Whoah; read SCROLL by D.B. Nielson


‘SCROLL’ > Whoah. Let me get my thoughts together.

‘SCROLL’ was a fantastic story.

D.B. Nielsen’s language is beautifully descriptive, with movie-like elements to highlight the duality themes running through the book. The history run-downs can get a bit heavy at times, but they are so fascinating and so well tied into the story that it is a mere niggle.

The main character…

Saffron is an altogether different character than her twin, Sage, from the first book. (See my review of ‘SEED’ here). While I couldn’t identify with her reckless nature as easily as I could with Sage’s pragmatism, I was still compelled by her tale and her journey to discover the Scroll.

Saffron’s artistic temperament has placed her in a world teetering between the light and the dark and this is reflected in her *almost* ‘lust-triangle’ with Finn and Gabriel. The author has brilliantly described both male character’s, developing them so you can see that one is mostly good, with a bit of bad and the other is mostly bad, with a bit of good. Who doesn’t like a bad boy who needs redeeming? Saffron certainly has a weakness there.

One teeny, tiny disappointment;

The only bit I didn’t much like was just how pathetic Sage came across throughout the book – she appeared almost entirely dependent on St John and very squealy / nervous / panicky. In her own book, ‘SEED’, she proved herself to be much stronger than her sister apparently sees her.

In all though, a great book I’ve really enjoyed over the last few days. I am now in anticipation of ‘SWORD’.

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