A Dystopia with Potential: ‘The Jewel’ by Amy Ewing

An intriguing new dystopian world with a disturbing heart


I loved The Jewel – it had everything a good dystopian needs and I actually liked the main character. So often, the female heroine is self sacrificing and brave beyond belief and in this case, Violet was much more realistic. She was able to enact small bits of retribution for her situation when she was feeling brave and strong, as well as having off-days when she was just vulnerable and scared and kowtowed to the whims of the world that has her shackled.

Some of the things the surrogates go through are truly horrifying

The concept of the world of the Jewel was terrifying and the treatment of the girls the moment their blood test condemned them, the idea of the leashes and the Electoress’ plan debased the surrogates and really brought home the horror of their situation.

Let’s get science involved! I love when fantasy meets reality in a dystopian

I enjoyed the genetic aspect, which I hadn’t picked up on at all in the blurb, about the surrogates having particular ‘talents’, a sort of magical manipulation. I look forward to seeing those powers play a larger role in the next books.

No love triangle but definitely some really, really stupid personal decisions

The only downside was the intensity of Violet and Ash’s relationship – I understood their need for something to call their own – this is a dystopian after all – , but at such a risk to each other’s safety it felt doomed and made me uneasy every time they met up in secret.

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Have you read this book? Did you like it or loathe it? How about the science vs. the fantasy mix? Let me know in the comments!


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