Minor Claim to Fame: Mindreading

Is it mindreading magic if your emotions show up as different coloured flames on your arms?

The Four Flames of Pyrrhos are intricately tied to the emotional state of the Fire Dancer that wields them and thus perform a kind of mindreading magic. A large portion of the princesses training before becoming Queen is learning to control their feelings – a tricky talent, as Titaians are well known for their passionate and flighty natures.

Still, as an heir-in-waiting or even a Queen, is it a good or bad move to be able to burn away your excess emotion in flame that is visible to anyone?

Let’s explore some situations where mindreading magic might come into play;

Imagine, a princess captivated by a handsome suitor in court. Overwhelmed by the attentions and caught up in the moment of being courted by her crush, she could ripple Viani, loving pink flames over her shoulders without quite meaning to. Given the respect with which those who can control their flames are lauded, the court would probably laugh at her humiliation. Her ranking might slip a peg or two in the eyes of the judges. Who wants a Queen who cannot control her urges?

Imagine, a determined merchant for the Titaian nation, sent to trade for high quality chocolatl pods from the Cereans. The Cerean farmers try to up their prices, demanding almost triple the – not unreasonable – price of the pods last year. The merchant, needing the deal to go through for his children, might feel the cold grip of Nuti, the blue flame of sadness and prey on the Cereans love of family to get a better deal. Of course, he might just explode with orange flames all over his arms, Tithani expelling his rage at being conned.

What do you think? Would you fall foul of people knowing your innermost feelings?

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury 5 years ago

    Omg I would HATE IT. I barely even know what my own emotions are doing, let alone having them displayed for everyone to see. xD It’s like mind reading, right?!? Agh. It’d make such a great book but definitely not a world I want to live in!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Author
      Echo Fox 5 years ago

      Haha, not a fan of the reveal all plot twist? On the plus side, burning off excess emotion could be pretty handy in certain situations (unless you get so mad you end up losing all control and burning off your clothes, ack!) Thanks for coming over, I love Paper Fury 😛

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