The Keeper of the Wind – Easy, breezy and fun


I came across Mark Shaw as the founder of the popular #IndieBooksBeSeen movement on Twitter and without further ado, dived into his book.

First impressions of the story and characters

I found the age range the book is directed at a tad confusing – the characters are high school seniors, but often referred to as ‘children’ or ‘kids’ and other than the odd swear word, they are extremely well-behaved and courteously mannered.

However, the characters were engaging and highlighted the real value of friendship. I felt that the story did a good job of describing the bond with your friends, that last summer before you all leave to go away to college and start being independent adults.

Pace, excitement and adventure within the story

The journey the three teenagers embark upon, the friends they pick up along the way and the constant sense of menace pervading through the tale makes for an effective and exciting read.

I loved the use of Native American imagery and artefacts, as well as the significance of bonding three teens from different backgrounds together. The magic was beautifully described and impressively wielded.

Concluding this review of Keeper of the Wind by Mark Shaw;

I enjoyed the plot and the starring aspect of Native American culture, it was very interesting and the powers of the artefacts were great touches. The sub-plots, of the character inter-relationships and first loves were nicely done to help move the story along, although for teenagers they were certainly all very eloquent with their feelings. If I had been able to communicate my emotions so fluently as a teen, I would have saved myself a lot of heartbreak!

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