On the Ninth Day…’Sigrun, the Bandamann Saga’ by D. Mapstone

To be in with a chance of winning an ecopy of Sigrun, the Bandamann Saga, answer the question below in the comments; 

The Lundgren children learn of a new Christmas tradition in their mother’s family. What are some of your Christmas traditions, new or old?


Find out a little more about today’s lovely author…

Deidre Mapstone grew up in Rochester, New York. She’s a city girl who spent her summers on Canandaigua Lake. She had the best of both worlds, and a most normal, cheery childhood.
She married her high school sweetheart right out of college, and a few years later started their family. They now have three children, the first to soon attend college.
Being busy raising three children, Deidre didn’t discover writing as an occupation until later. She wrote things throughout her life, but didn’t think she’d ever have anything published. That is, until self-publishing came along.
The self-publishing world opened up possibilities to Deidre that before, she just thought of as dreams and ideas.
With encouragement from her writing daughter and her husband, Deidre wrote a dream down that spun into a story and blossomed into her first novel, Sigrun, the Bandamann Saga.
She has discovered and fallen in love with the world of writing, and hopes to bring many of her ideas to others!

Chat to Deidre on Twitter @DDRedMomma, on Facebook, on her website and on Instagram. Find her book on Amazon.

Now, settle down comfortably and enjoy an excerpt from the book!

“What’s tonight?” Adrian asked looking over his new present. It was round and it almost looked like a girl’s make up compact. It was gold with a black circle in the center. And there was a crystal looking thing right in the middle of the black circle. Adrian kept turning it around, looking for some sort of button to push, or seam to open, but to no avail. He looked to the adults for some answers.
“Yeah, what is this thing?” Liam got to the point.
“We get them every year.” Answered Lucrezia. “They are our light show for Christmas Eve. What is the actual name again, Mommy?”
Tillie made a funny face at Lucrezia for calling her mother, “Mommy”. She hadn’t called her mother that in years, but it was kind of adorable the way she just said it in conversation. Tillie’s face changed to a smile almost immediately.
“This, my dears, is an Ostend Glass. It’s a temporary light that works with water. We’ll show you. You are going to help us make our Christmas Eve show more spectacular than ever this year. Come children.” Firouza rose from her chair and Metrón joined her.
Heather and Cord stood up, Heather smiled, looking childlike.
“You do this every Christmas? That’s great.” Cord said as they headed to the balcony. “I haven’t seen this in years. Kids.” He called. Everyone went into the foyer to put on coats, gloves and such. “You are just going to love this. Now, listen to Aunt Fi for directions and I’m sure the others can help too. This is a real treat.” The other children who were familiar with the device were already nodding their heads and pairing up with a Lundgren child.
“Now,” started Firouza, “All of our children have paired up with one of you because of your ability with water. You may be confused by all of this, but really, it’s not too hard once we get going. We need you to think about your ability, even if it is new for you. Come, let’s gather onto the balcony.” Firouza led them all outside after they were bundled.
The balcony was vast. The Lundgrens expected everyone to have to crowd together. That was not the case. This was more like a patio, large enough for a party, which is just what the two families added up to. There was furniture placed around that made it look like a living room. Metrón went to the center and started a fire in the fireplace. Apparently it was a gas fireplace, as the fire started almost immediately and sent its warm glow out all around the area.
They were all covered in the orange glow of the fire, which looked warm compared to the blue gray darkness surrounding them outside. The Lundgren children found themselves settled into seats with their cousin partners for whatever was about to come. Still confused, they sat and listened to the instructions they were individually given.
Lyla sat with Kallias and Adonia. Adonia was dark, like her father and her long hair flowed out of her fur hat gracefully. Her light-brown eyes caught the glow of the fire and looked as if they were dancing as she talked. Her voice was controlled, Lyla thought and it helped ease her anxiety to listen to it.
“We are excited to have you with us this year, as Mom said. Kall and I are so anxious to see what you have to offer with us.” Kallias smiled back.
“Yeah, Mom says your powers are like, awesome.” he added.
“Yes, awesome. Well, they do scare the crud out of me. If that’s awesome, then so be it.” Lyla added. “You’re not expecting me to use that tonight, here, now, are you?” She asked.

To be in with a chance of winning an ecopy of Sigrun, the Bandamann Saga, answer the question below in the comments; 

The Lundgren children learn of a new Christmas tradition in their mother’s family. What are some of your Christmas traditions, new or old?


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