On the Twelfth Day…’Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds’ by A.A. Jankiewicz

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What is the purpose of Chiron’s Toolbox?

Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds
Excerpt from the History of the Four Forces

By Puc Thanestorm

Water Elves

Originating from the world of Terralim, the Water Elves are viewed as a highly sophisticated society. Though not naturally violent, they do prefer to have order and due to this possess quite a hefty military force compromised of foot soldiers, air ships and mages. Their capital city is Aldamoor, where the Mage Council (sometimes called the High Council) and descendant of Chiron the Creator meet to conduct business.
A Water Elf usually stands about five to six feet tall, with pale skin and varying hair colour (generally brown or black but sometimes blonde) and can easily blend into human society when masking their pale blue eyes, their only giveaway. They are stronger and faster than humans and can live for thousands years should disease or murder not come knocking on their doorstep. This is due to the fact that an elf can slow their aging process whenever they please once they pass puberty by causing their brain to release pheromones into the bloodstream that do so. Many, however, embrace mortality as part of life. Water Elves have a strong sense of destiny and this ultimately leads their lives in terms of how fast they will age. They are all raised with the belief that there is one thing they need to accomplish in their lives and it is not until this task is done that they can leave the mortal realm.
Water Elves do not have many children, spending most of their time studying or discovering new technology. Many in their long lives have only one to two offspring, three at most.
They are firm believers in Unaverisim, a belief system which pays homage to a deity called The Unknown that is said to be the embodiment of all good. The belief states that the Unknown has many names and as long as one is good in life they are still paying tribute to the god without knowing they are doing so. Theses people are referred to as ‘Those who have not yet known his grace’.
Water Elves also believe they are descended from the first Water Elf, called Chiron the Firstborn, who was placed on Terralim by the Unknown after being created from a drop of his blood mixed in with the earth on the planet in order to cultivate that which was anointed to be good. Chiron was also given a book by the Unknown, a relic called Chiron’s Toolbox, a magical tome that would record his race’s history for all of eternity, marking all achievements good and bad so future generations would not repeat mistakes. The book is currently guarded by the Mage Council.
Magic is a highly-valued part of their society and the mages at the Academy are always on the lookout for talented youth in all corners of their world. The Academy offers standard training needed to operate in the regular military (using battle staves) and advanced training for those who show promise in becoming full fledged mages. It takes thirty years to complete training at the Academy in magic and fifteen for the military. Very talented magic users can graduate early by undergoing a series of examinations done by members of the Academy and the Mage Council to see if they are capable of holding the post of a mage. Those who hold desire for neither find themselves working as steam engineers and other professions, which are also valued as they bring economic stability to the city.
Water Elves Map
Find out a bit more about the author…
A.A. Jankiewicz (known to most as Agnes) hails from the city of Pickering, Ontario. Her debut novel Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds was published as part of her thesis project at Durham College as part of the Contemporary Media Design Program. Prior to that, she graduated from York University with a BFA in Film Theory, Historiography and Criticism. When she’s not busy plotting the next great adventure, writing, doodling, tinkering in the Adobe suite programs or mellowing out with her friends, she enjoys walks with her four-legged companion Meesha. She is currently working on the next instalment in the Q-16 series.
You can find out more at her Website or get in touch for a chat on Facebook and Twitter.

To be in with a chance of winning a free ebook, just answer this question in the comments below;

What is the purpose of Chiron’s Toolbox?


  1. Judy 6 years ago

    It’s a tome to record the water elf history, good and bad so future generations don’t repeat the mistakes.

  2. Author
    Echo Fox 6 years ago

    You’re the winner, Judy!

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