On the Thirteenth Day…’Nuttycracker Sweet’ by Megan O’Russell


Read on for an excerpt of Nuttycracker Sweet

Blond hair, a muscled back and tight jeans blocked the desk.
The man turned around and smiled. “Well if it isn’t Eliza Grant.” Zachary Benson grinned. “I was wondering if you’d ever show up.”
His teeth were dazzling white, his shoulders wide and perfect. He appeared calm and cool even as half the airport panicked about their cancelled flights.
Classic type three, Elle thought as her suitcase tried to fall and crush her toes. Three types of men become professional ballet dancers. The gay ones like Ty: beautiful, brilliant, and probably who I’m going to end up spending the rest of my life with. The sweet men: typically hardcore Christian; thanking Jesus for every pirouette they land. The sweet ones are usually taken; married to their high school sweetheart or an accountant. Then there are the Zach Benson’s of the ballet world. Started dance to be near the half naked girls. Stayed for the spotlight and the chance to work their way through every girl in a tutu they could find.
“You need help with that?” Zach asked, raising a perfect eyebrow.
Zach had had the potential to become one of the good ones.
Zach turned back to the counter. “Look, Barbara. Sugar finally showed up.”
But he threw it away to be a classic type three.

Here is my review…

I was sent this book for free by Enchanted Book Promotions.

I was expecting a sweet, fluffy romance to bring on all the festive feelings and ‘Nutcracker Sweet’ certainly delivered.

Elle was extremely vitriolic towards Zach, and without knowing the full backstory she was almost too aggressive to begin with. As the backstory is gradually revealed though, her feelings seem more reasonable, although it is clear from Zach’s reactions that he feels maligned by the whole scenario.

There were a few consistency errors, as Zach’s eye changed colour from bright green to dark brown, but maybe he was just a magical part of the festive season? It didn’t massively bother me.

The dramatic rom-com scene of despair didn’t quite sweep me up to follow along with Elle’s desperate feelings, but in all the story was a fun, super quick read that had plenty of Christmas imagery. The author clearly knows her ballet backstories and used references to give the whole thing an air of reality that only comes from experience.

About the Author…

Megan O'Russell

Megan is thrilled to be working with Fiery Seas Publishing! Her other published works include Young Adult fantasy novels The Tethering and The Siren’s Realm. Megan is also a featured author in the Athena’s Daughters 2 anthology of women in speculative fiction. Megan is a professional performer who travels the country living out a thousand lives on stage. Her wonderful husband and frequent dance partner is always by her side.

For more information on Megan’s books, you can visit her website, chat to her on Twitter @ibexaggeration, check out her Facebook page or visit her blog.



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