Kitten Potbellies & Racing to Finish NaNo

Phew. November has been one crazy busy month and it doesn’t look like December is going to slow things down.

I’ve got about 15,000 words left to go to hit my target on NaNo this year and my writing fingers are itching to get going – but between one thing and another (especially the adorable fluffy tummy of Widget the kitten, constantly draped over the laptop keyboard), it’s proving tricky to find the time.

But seriously, how cute?


I chose to work on the first draft of the next book in the Equilibria Series this year and it has been so much fun to bring all four of my main characters together for the first time and see how they interact as a group.

Obviously the first draft is far from finished, so I can’t guess at a publication date just yet, but keep an eye out here for teasers and snippets. I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to in Book Five, so feel free to drop me a line @EchoFoxBooks!

Make sure to check in on the lead up to Christmas in December as there will be a rather special series posting everyday (Hint: there are prizes and fun things galore!)


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