Not Berries & Daiku Again! A Zephyrus Meal Diary

I’ve decided to give you all a sneak peek into the daily life of a character other than Tai and Keiko in Air Riders. So here is Mayo, Tai’s 8 3/4 year old younger brother. A rambunctious type who hates his greens. 

Day 1:

Keiko went and told mother that I might eat my greens more if I knew more about them and the food I eat. So now I have to keep this silly food diary instead of spending more time learning to fly and I was so close to getting it! Really, another few minutes and I know I would have been flying, good as Tai! I –

Humph. Mother noticed I wasn’t exactly noting down my dinner.

I had;

Sliced roast Daiku, ten purpleberries and pancakes with spicy leaves

Day 2:

Zeus! You should have seen me today, I tripped and fell, right over a rock and I would have died, Tai said, but I did it! I flew! Straight back up and onto the rock. Bam!

I ate;

Five small boiled eggs, hazelnuts, fern curls all in a Daiku bone brothDaiku Bone Broth

Day 3:

Keiko did this cool thing in lessons today where she made all the characters in the story come alive in the air, with colours and dancing leaves…How did she do it? I wonder if she’ll teach me?

I had;

Daiku cooked into a big stew, with mashing tubers and roots and spicy leaves

Day 4:

Mother told me off for swearing, just because she heard me say; ‘Zeus!’ before I came in for dinner. It’s not fair, Tai gets to swear, he shouldn’t get to just because he’s older and a hunter.

I ate;

Bread and butter from Cerea, blueberries, fried Daiku slices. I put the greens in my pocket.

Day 5:

It’s so exciting! A new hunter arrived today and asked to join the tribe! She’s really fierce, with yellow eyes like Jady’s and she did a backflip in the air! I’m going to learn to fly a backflip tomorrow, Tai said he’d help me.

I had;

Roast Daiku drumsticks, bread, pickled tubers, greens and an egg



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