NaNo Gave Me Purpose…and an Awesome Character Sketch!

Every November for the last three years, I’ve signed up to NaNoWriMo. This event is anything you want to make it and for me, it is perfect for bashing out a first draft. The stats page is my favourite place to check in on my progress and I love having a goal to spur me on. I’m not one for chilling in the forums (why chat when you could be writing?) but this year, on track and on target, I decided to check the boards out.

Am I glad I did?

OH MAN! I discovered the artists forum, where supremely talented individuals are offering to sketch out your characters. *Hyperventilates in excitement*

This dude kindly took my description of Merry and drew her up for me. I was stunned by the results! She is exact! What do you think? (You can also see more of Merry here).

Merry Guardy Sketch NaNo

Check out more of Guardy’s work here and here.


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