Trick or Treat Halloween Blog Hop

Trick or Treat BlogHop

It’s Halloween and just like last year, you can win big trick or treating today! Not just candy, but books! Real, fantastic books.

All you have to do today to win one ebook copy of either Wave Singers, Earth Drummer, Air Riders or Fire Dancer is comment below with your favourite Fantasy creature!

I’ll then pick names at random to win a free copy of each ebook.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Check out the other authors giving away their books like candy today:

  1. wittegenpress 5 years ago

    Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween 🙂

    My favourite fantasy creature has to be a dragon. They can be wild, they can be sassy, they can dangerous, and always majestic 🙂

  2. Natasha Duncan-Drake 5 years ago

    Happy Halloween 🙂 Favourite fantasy creature is a hard one, but I think it has to be dragon 🙂
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press

  3. Julie Flanders 5 years ago

    My favorite creature is a vampire, no contest. Great to meet you through this fun hop. Happy Halloween!

  4. Jennifer Bowen 5 years ago

    My personal favorite is the gryphon. I think they are shortchanged by unicorns, dragons, and the like (although those creatures are certainly amazing as well).

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