Character Spotlight: Kenna, Fire Princess of Pyrrhos

Starting the new blog series off with a bang! Here’s Kenna, star of my latest book, Fire Dancer. Fellow Indies, get in on the action and submit your character interviews to the blog here.

Kenna from Fire Dancer by Echo Fox

Kenna, Fire Princess of Pyyrhos

In five words or less, tell us how a friend would sum you up?
Curious, impetuous, awesome at lokilotl.

Indulge us in a little past tense exploration: what were you like as a child?
Adorable! No, I think I had cute moments, but I couldn’t get away with everything I wanted to so there were inevitable…tantrums. My temper always did get the better of me, that’s why I’ve had to put so much work into controlling myself and my flames. No good scorching off my clothes every time someone withholds cake, now, is there?

If your place was on fire and you could only save three things, what would they be?
Hmm, my three sisters Fia, Anala and Hesta? I probably shouldn’t have written that down, Blaise will find out and come after me. To be fair, fire isn’t really an issue for me. I’d just use Nuti to put it out, although given that the palace is built of glass, metal and rock there isn’t all that much flammable there anyway.

Is there anyone who occupies your thoughts on the regular?
I’ve been too busy training to be Queen for the past sixteen years, I’ve never managed to get out and meet anyone. Although, at the debut ball I was rather taken with the Lord Aden. He seems to be my mother – the Queen’s – right-hand man and he’s head of the Guild of Alchemists. I’m not like Anala though, my mind is strictly on the game ahead. I intend to win and a man would distract me from my goal.

What would you do if you had a day off to just…be you?
Oh, Persephone, please! I’d travel as far as I could get in a day. So, probably Cerea, to see where they grow chocolatl? Or maybe south, to see the Mer and hear them sing? Although, I think I could possibly get into the forests on the outskirts of Aither in a day, so maybe I’d go and see a Zephyrus fly?

What’s your star sign and do you think it is accurate?
I’m a Sagittarius and yes, I think it’s pretty accurate. After all, as the others would say; I never stop asking questions and I would love to be an explorer.

Cats or dogs?
Uh, cats. Obviously. They are the only creatures that don’t expect me to be able to tell them what to do.

Now that you have been introduced to Kenna, you can read her story in Fire Dancer by Echo Fox available on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Google Books and Nook.


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