World Building: Fire Dancer

In Fire Dancer, Kenna and four other fire princesses must battle against each other to win the throne, but will their growing bonds of sisterhood help, or hinder, them?

Aither World Map

The structure of Titaian society is complex. Due to the levels of flame wielded by each person, the social standing of each individual is subject to their ability to control themselves, the number of flames they can control and the strength of their firepower.

Thus, you have the Queen and fellow four-flame dancers stationed as royalty, to protect the people. Higher level tiers of nobles oversee production, trade, diplomacy with other realms and work at the top end of the Guilds. You can learn more about the Guilds here.

The less creation you can manage, due to lesser flames or lack of control, the lower in the pecking order you are. Jobs involve more administration, trade of goods and community care.

I had a strong vision of Pyrrhos as a trade society, based centrally in Pangaea and acting as a safe passageway through the dangerous mountains to allow the other realms to trade with each other. With all the riches passing through on a daily basis, as well as the need to pour emotions and creativity into their flames in order to maintain control of themselves, the people of Pyrrhos had to have an almost feudal society.

Find out how wielding flames helped to shape the court’s style and fashions here.

City Lava Tracks Pyyrhos City

I based the landscapes of the Realm of Pyyrhos on a mix of cultures and places I have seen and read about. At the top of my list for the spectacular mountains and volcanic fields was Iceland, a place filled with the kind of wild, unrestrained beauty that I felt most represented Kenna. A trip I took through a lava tube in Australia grew into an entire system of trade routes for the Titaians to control, making them the centre of trade in the whole of Pangaea. After all, when you can control the volcano, why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage?

Lastly, a lot of the city is based on ruins of ancient Minoan and Greek cities that still stand today. That sense of timelessness, of huge unrelenting architecture that prevails whatever mankind throws at it, very much seemed to convey the feeling of grandeur that the Titaian culture prides itself on. It also seemed appropriate for a people whose religion dwells on creation vs. destruction, on life vs. death. Find out more about the Titaian religion of Hades and Persephone.

View from Cerea to Pyyrhos Volcanic View Amphitheatre Fire Dancer Pyrrhos

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