Book Review: SEED by D.B. Nielsen

SEED D B Nielsen


I read this book in the #IndieBooksBeSeen Indie Book Club for January and it perfectly fit into my preferred genre – fantasy, with magic, history and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

The historical information was fantastically well researched, with a similar taste to historical mystery / treasure hunts and I found it fascinating how well it was woven into the story. The author as well proved how well-read she is, with frequent literary quotations in keeping with both characters learning and personalities.

Scenes were highly descriptive, almost lyrical in parts and the storyline was compelling. I was not so fond of the insta-love with a superior being and the need for a ring, as it all smacked a bit similar to Twilight. However, I’ve been reminded of the delights of Paris and long for my own manor house in the Kentish countryside.

I’m looking forward to the next book and Saffron’s story, I’m currently trying to find a way to have Goodreads notify me when Scroll is out, so I can begin reading immediately!

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