Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer


From the very first sentence, the reader is thrust into an extraordinary retelling of the famous Cinderella fairytale. With an exciting robotic twist; a futuristic slant on the ‘glass slipper’ and a dystopian feel to the society of New Beijing, this was an adventure where you could work out the plot line (after all, it is an internationally appreciated fairy story) but the subtle differences and innovations of the author made the book compelling reading.

I consumed the story one evening, intrigued by the mix of old and new, expected and excitingly diverse. The family ties Cinder has, the relationships between herself, other members of society, her sisters and stepmother and her android companion are all well-drawn out. The scenes are beautifully set and described with movie-like proficiency. I enjoyed the budding romance between Cinder and Kai, a realistic flirtation between two people with not a single mention of insta-love.

Cannot wait to move onto the sequels!

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