Author Spotlight: Andrea Churchill

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The Lerewood

Andrea Churchill

Tell us a brief summary of your book’s plot.
Legends speak of a place called Lerewood, an isolated little village set in the middle of an immeasurable, ghostly wood. The townspeople suffer from severe poverty and filth, living more like savage animals than a cultured civilisation. However, despite the town’s inhuman conditions, the townspeople never seem to die from disease or starvation, and their numbers only seem to grow with each generation. No one knows the truth of how Lerewood came to be, but many secrets seem to revolve around an ancient, legendary creature that lives in the surrounding forest. They say she’ll hunt anyone who dares trespass onto her land; those who enter the forest never come back.

One middle aged man, Uallas, depressed and tired of abuse from his monstrous wife, decides to commit suicide by entering the wood. But when he steps foot into the mythical dark forest, Uallas finds that everything he ever knew about the town, and himself, were lies. These new discoveries only lead to more questions, where the truth can only be found in the mysterious, undiscovered world.

The Lerewood introduces the topics of natural evil, identity, and judgment, all while moving the reader with detailed personification. It is a tale of darkness, and will appeal to many readers with its rich, moody descriptions of the eerie, mythological forest.

What was the inspiration for this story?
I got the idea in 8th or 9th grade from a virtual pet site. They had an online comic book that had to do with a ghost town, a fairy, a mutant, a curse, a swamp witch, and lots of talking animals. I was really into the site and based my book off of the comic.

Do you have any writing habits you would like to tell us about?
I try really hard to write every day. My biggest problem is probably that I get distracted, or I’m too involved in something else, usually housework. I have an internet blocker on my computer. I also like to make outlines. For the book I’m currently writing, I have this huge piece of cardboard where I have lots of post it notes, and I write summaries for each chapter to help keep me on track. I also like to light candles, drink tea or burn incense to help me concentrate.

What is the hardest thing to manage when you start writing?
Writing itself. Taking time in the day to sit down and work, especially after getting home from a long day at work. Concentration is all self discipline. It’s hard sometimes to get my mind off Netflix.

Name the three books currently topping your To Be Read list?
I’ve been into erotica lately. I’m looking to read Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, because I really liked the Fifty Shades series.
Also the new instalment of the Night Owl trilogy by M. Pierce, After Dark.
I’m also struggling to finish the book I’m currently reading, an autobiography from an 18th century Genevan philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau (Confessions).

How important do you think a book’s cover is?
One of the most important parts to making your book come to life. It is essential that an author hires a professional and gets the perfect book cover. It’s the first thing a reader sees. If it looks amateur, or too crazy, no one is going to take interest.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose?
Probably a dead one. I love HG Wells, Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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