The Guilds of Pyrrhos

In Fire Dancer, out 28th August and available for pre-order from Amazon now, the complicated hierarchical society depends on a system of power and creativity. Those who dance the flames need to levy control over their emotions through the creation of ‘new’, rather than destruction. This mirrors their allegiance to the dual gods Persephone and Hades.

The four guilds that occupy the Titaian aristocracy and form the foundation of the Titaian trading power are as follows;

The Guild of Alchemists, led by Lord Aden, a Level 5 wielder of the flame.

The Guild of Glassworks, led by Lady Azara, a Level 5 wielder of the flame.

The Guild of Alomancers, led by Lady Brea, a Level 4 wielder of the flame.

The Guild of Ceramicists, led by Ander, a Level 3 wielder of the flame.

It is the leader of each guild’s responsibility to organise the workings of their guild and drive forwards innovative creations. Lesser wielders of the flame work beneath them as ’employees’.
The Alchemists deal with metals, from fine jewellery to adorn the glittering ladies of court, to structural beams of steel for building, to actively manipulating the base metal itself into other, more expensive things.
The Glassworkers create both beautiful and functional pieces, glass being one of the more popular building materials in Titaia. The palace Kenna lives in is mostly constructed of glass, a testament to the strong diplomatic ties between the Titaians and the Mer.
The Alomancers practice the mystical art of alomancy, reading and interpreting the future and intentions in the burning of salt. Many think the shaky nature of the practice lacks practical application.
The Ceramicists are the only guild not to be led by a member of the aristocracy, as Ander, a Level 3 wielder chose to lead the guild to success. Oft seen as the guild of the least gifted of the Titaians, workers here usually only have control over one or two flames and produce various ranges of pottery for use and trade.

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