Author Spotlight: Ryan Guy

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Atomic Aardvark Ryan Guy

Ryan Guy

Tell us a brief summary of your book’s plot.
Atomic Aardvark is a YA Sci-Fi Comedy. The book’s blurb sums it all up vaguely 🙂

‘The good, the bad, and the Surly.’

Q. What do you get when you cross an aardvark, a skunk, and a couple of star-crossed lovers with technology and a series of cataclysmic events?

A. Atomic Aardvark – An exciting, comedy-action-suspense-with-a-little-bit-of-romance sci-fi novel. Guaranteed to be the best one I’ve ever written. Read it! It’s better than this summary. Much longer, too.

What was the inspiration for this story?
I wrote a one-page poem called Atomic Aardvark when I was in a high school creative writing class. Many years later I decided I was wasting too much time on social media and should do something more productive like write a book. I dug out my poem and wrote a YA novel about it. Now, promoting Atomic Aardvark on social media has become my second job. Life is full of irony.

Do you have any writing habits you would like to tell us about?
Lately, the majority of my writing has been reviews of books by other Indie Authors. My habit is to be too long winded so it takes a few passes to condense my reviews. I guess my real habit is re-editing everything I write.

What is the hardest thing to manage when you start writing?
Life. I get caught up in my characters and end up planning their dialogue and actions in my head when I should be paying attention to other things – like whatever my wife is saying.

Name the three books currently topping your To Be Read list?
The Last Order by Angela Marie Caldwell
Aliens in the Gift Shop by D.E. Morris
And, at the risk of pandering, Wave Singers by Echo Fox (Editor: I am 100% good with ‘pandas’ ;P)

How important do you think a book’s cover is?
Important. People judge books by the covers.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose?
Douglas Adams.

Chat to Ryan on Twitter @that_rye_guy and buy the book here.


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