The Four Flames of Pyrrhos

Fire is a destructive force; it burns away what it lives on. By dancing fire, you are feeding the flame with your own emotion. If you lose control, the fire still has to feed and can consume you. In order to maintain your emotional output, you must use your fire to create. Thus is the balance maintained.

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Tithani, the orange flame of rage, is a goal-oriented surge of fire magic associated with Hades.

Nuti, the blue flame of melancholia, is a cold and grasping air flame associated with Zeus.
Viani, the pink flame of love, is the expressive and impulsive water flame associated with Persephone.
Hassi, the green flame of fear, is the all consuming earth flame of least resistance associated with Demeter.
In making an object, you infuse it with the emotion and intention you use to create it. For example; the palace at Pyrrhos makes use of elevators. These lifts were made to take their passengers where they needed to go, safely (Viani) and with fear of touching the ground, the walls, or exceeding the boundaries (Hassi).

The entire structure of Titaian society is based around the flames each citizen controls. The Queen and the pool of princesses from which she is chosen; are the only Level 6 wielders in the realm. They are trained from birth to control the four flames they possess.
Levels 1 through 5 can control any combination of the four flames, with Level 1 citizens in control of a single, weak flame and Level 5 citizens ranking at most 3 strong flames.
Nobles tend to be composed of Level 4 and 5s, and are responsible for administering to the four Guilds which keep the realm of Pyrrhos in trade goods as well as the luxury items that set them apart from other land-based cultures like Cerea and, loosely (they are mostly in flight after all), Aither.
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