The Fashions of Fire Dancer

The Titaian world: the realm of Pyrrhos and the Fire Dancers is one steeped in ornate luxury. As the central point between the realms of Pangaea, all trade passes through Pyrrhos and so the people there are wealthy in material riches as well as powers.

The nature of dancing the flames means that each individual must dedicate themselves to one of the creative guilds within the realm as an outlet of safely expressing their fiery emotions. The products they make are used to trade with other peoples; the Cereans for food and wine, the Zephyrus for animal pelts, leathers and the occasional rare jewel unearthed in their mountain home. The Mer trade healing services and riches from the sea such as coral, pearls and sung silks.

This position of wealth has given rise to a monarchical structure and where royalty goes, the aristocracy follows. Court functions are big business in Pyrrhos, the Titaians love a good ballgown.

Gowns tend towards being fitted, with dresses intended for official court functions covered in heavy embroidery and excess fabric to prevent a fiesty noble dancing fire on a rival.

Fire Dancer Gown 7Fire Dancer Gown 6Fire Dancer Gown 8

The princesses in Fire Dancer are together for much less formal occasions as well and favour lighter fabrics and younger, less traditional designs for their day-to-day wear. They have preferred colours and throughout the book develop their characters through their wardrobes, much like a movie.

Kenna loves red, while Blaise becomes drawn to all-white as a reflection of her eastern origins and biological family. Fia would rather read a book than spend a second contemplating her outfit and lets her attendant pick out whatever – although if she has to choose, she’ll often try and fade into the background in plain fabrics and colours. Anala wears slightly more revealing outfits in order to try and capture a particular person’s attention…while Hesta likes bright colours and pattern to make up for her short stature.

Fire Dancer Gown 5 Fire Dancer Gown 4 Fire Dancer Gown 3 Fire Dancer Gown 2 Fire Dancer Gown 1

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