Marketing Your Indie Book: Facebook

How to Market My Book on Facebook?

This week I’m going to outline a few tips for getting your Facebook presence in shape.

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As an Indie author, you are in charge of all your marketing. This gives you immense freedom to portray everything exactly how and when you want it. Of course, it also means you probably have other things to be doing as well. Unless you prioritise some of your time exclusively to actively marketing your work, it probably won’t catch too many people’s attention.

Here is my ‘getting-started-guide’ to the often asked question; How to Market My Book on Facebook?

Facebook is a tricky one. The algorithm is constantly changing, affecting what people see in their feeds and how posts are displayed. The best way to use Facebook is to first distance yourself from how you use Facebook personally.

Create a separate page for your author profile, books or persona. You can see mine right here.

No matter how much your friends and family support your writing, they don’t want to see updates every week (or every day!) From a practical perspective, they are also only ever going to buy your book once. You need to capture the attention of new potential readers.

Spend some time creating your page with a great cover image, profile picture, bio, about tab, etc.

First impressions count and a headline image that instantly draws you in and makes you aware of what the page is all about is going to stand out. A picture is fine, but why not add text so readers know the title, the author name, where to find the book? You could use this space to advertise special offers, or upcoming releases. Always, always, always make sure the image is high resolution and sized properly.

What should your posting schedule and content focus on?

I use Facebook as a way to share cute pictures, inspirational images and links to my blog posts. Decide what you want your focus to be and stick to it. A consistent posting schedule keeps your posts spaced consistently down followers feeds and makes it more likely that they will notice you and visit the page. Images and videos perform really well on Facebook, so always try and include a visual element to your post.

Socialising and being active on Facebook

There are thousands upon thousands of authors, books, publishing houses and street teams on Facebook. Above that, there are millions of readers. Join relevant groups, hashtags and pages and be an active part of the community. Don’t just trumpet on about your own work; share and help others, recommend books you have enjoyed, review them or get in touch with the author to share how much you liked their story. Build a network of like-minded people who will be genuinely interested in knowing more about you and your books.

Will you be incorporating these tips into your Facebook activity? Have you got any other tips for maximising your Facebook use? Let me know in the comments!


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