Marketing Your Indie Book: Blogging

Check out the first two posts in this series on marketing your Indie book, which both deal with getting started on Twitter – Profile & What to Tweet and Hashtags & Tweet Schedule. I’m going to take a break from Twitter tips this week and discuss the benefits of blogging.

First off, get your blog set up to your personal preferences. Either attach it to your author website, or use a platform like or Blogger. Put some effort into the aesthetic of the blog and your bio – after all, first impressions count. Then, the tricky part! What to write?

Demonstrating your writing skills

One of the best ways an author can utilise a blog is to use it as a portfolio of your writing skills. For example, last year I joined a Halloween Trick or Treat blog tour, but instead of just hosting the details that were sent to me, I wrote a short story to help draw in readers.

Expounding on your stories

One of my favourite uses for my blog is to reveal parts of the world of Pangaea which didn’t make the cut to the final edition of the book. I like to share the inspiration, snippets of world information and things about the characters to create a fuller world view surrounding the books. Check out this God Profile of Persephone or this recent post on World Building for Wave Singers as examples. None of the information is necessary to enjoy or understand the books and some of it is directly from the books, but when I finish reading a book and loved it, I always want to know more. So, I provide more for those who have enjoyed reading the Equilibria Series.

Helping others 

As a community, part of an Indie author’s responsibility lies in boosting the movement and getting the word out. I host an Author Spotlight once a week for other Indie’s to talk about their work and their writing process (You can see past interviews here). I’m sharing my tips for marketing in this new series and I’d love to know if anyone has any other tips they want to share – let me know in the comments or on Twitter @EchoFoxBooks.


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