Inspiration & World Building: Wave Singers

Here are some of the images that helped me properly picture the world I was writing about in Wave Singers and Regent.

My stories are visually very rich and I love a good descriptive paragraph. I admit to going nuts on Pinterest with my inspiration boards as I build a new realm into being, creating people, culture, history, fantasy elements that differ from our own world…

Mer Trade Beach Water Tornado Merry Diving

I love putting together all the pieces, so if you were to ask me a question about an aspect of Pangaea, I could tell you. I know the scientific reasoning behind my character’s powers. I know the way each beach, tropical campsite, waterfall, ocean city looks.

Merry Outfit Lagoon Overland City

Putting the images together helps me, as the author, to get a cohesive view of the world I’m building. I can develop the visuals in my mind, tweak and adjust until they are just right. It helps in creating a rounded, three dimensional character.

Underwater City Mermaid Tail 2 Shower Falls

You can see all my Equilibria Series inspirational images on my Pinterest board.


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