Indie Book Summer Reading List

It’s Summer! Cue long, lazy days reading on the porch and the patio, the beach and the bus, the plane and after the picnic…basically, anywhere, anytime.

With all that quality reading time stretching out before you, stock up on some fantastic new books that may have been lurking on your TBR pile for the last few months.

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Wave Singers by Echo Fox – mermaids, magic & first love

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals by Peggy McAloon – fantasy, action & fairies

The Tethering by Megan O’Russell – magic, love & danger

Amongst The Killing by Joe Compton – Two sides, one story & one outcome

Earth Drummer by Echo Fox – coming of age, magic & family

The Serpent’s Head by Bryan Young – sci-fi, action & western

The Threes by K.J. Keller – abuse, murder & love

Cutting the Bloodline by Angeline Trevena – dystopia, corruption & revolution

Air Riders by Echo Fox – romance, adventure & magic

Just Hold On by Valarie Savage Kinney – love, loss & hope

Jessie’s Billionaire by Beth Bayley – work, romance & love

Pleasantwick by M.L. Stoughton – witches, secret societies & danger

Unclaimed Baggage by Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch – Alzheimers, hope & family

Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone by Lynne Murray – Dangerous, aphrodisiac overdose

Feel free to add your books or recommendations to the comments!


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