Equilibria Questions: Three

How do the Zephyrus live and communicate?

The wind people of the Eastern mountains of Pangaea are a tribal culture. Their emphasis on simple living echoes minimalist practices here on Earth. The Zephyrus pride themselves on community values, working together as a unit and playing to individual strengths to better bring the whole community benefit. They are not materialistic and every single one of them practices the spiritual and physical art of the taiga, a martial art form that develops balance and agility.

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The structure of the tribe follows this rule for balance in all things. Tribes of Zephyrus live all over the mountains above the thick forests of Eastern Pangaea, foraging, hunting and sustaining each other. Tribes are formed off approximately 250-300 Zephyrus, allowing for a close knit group that further divides into three ‘Wings’. Each ‘Wing’ specialises in a particular skill and is guided by an elected leader. These three leaders work with their community to decide on the bigger questions; like justice, organisation and what to do in an emergency, as in Air Riders.

Tai village

They live as family units, staying with their parents until they themselves are bonded and move to live with their mate. Houses are simple, built into the mountainside for safety and only accessible by flight. As Zephyrus spend the majority of their time outside, they have very little furniture or random possessions, preferring functionality and knowing that anything temporary can be created whenever needed by weaving it from the air.

The three ‘Wings’ are Hunting, Teaching and Weaving. Air Riders takes place mostly from the view of the Hunting Wing, as Tai is himself a hunter. His lover, Keiko, is a teacher for the Teaching Wing and his younger brother, Mayo, is still being educated in the peripatetic manner the Zephyrus favour. The Weaving Wing doesn’t really enter into Air Riders, but it specialises in the Zephyrus power of weaving items out of nothing more than a sound and the air around them.

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The power the Zephyrus all share, of being able to manipulate the air currents to carry themselves through the winds and to conjure weapons and tools from the very air with no more than a sound, also allows them to communicate. During battle, or even just for domestic chores like calling a child in for dinner, a Zephyrus can whisper into the winds and have their words carried directly to their intended recipient.


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