Equilibria Questions: One

How do the Zephyrus pick their weapons?

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The use of a weapon crafted from air is something that the hunters of the Zephyrus are well-versed in creating, but the other Wings have this skill as well. All Zephyrus learn to channel their control of the air into solid objects as part of learning their abilities. It is also necessary to have a form of defence given the harsh and dangerous world they inhabit, surrounded by vicious creatures.

That said; the ‘picking’ of what form their weapon will take on is less a conscious process and more an automatic reflection of their personalities, fighting style and preferences.

Thus, Tai uses arrows that he can fling with great speed, force and accuracy. He doesn’t use a bow as doing so would tangle and slow him down in tricky aerial manoeuvres, as well as be unnecessary in the type of short-range scuffles usually experienced by hunters on the trail of daiku.

Tai Arrow

Keiko, a teacher, is known for her no-nonsense attitude and only requires a weapon for self defence should a daiku or riku make their way up the mountain, past the hunt’s patrolling the perimeter and near to her and her class of younglings. She crafts a sharp knife that she can wield agilely while in the air and on the ground.

Keikos Knife

What weapon do you think you would craft, if you were a Zephyrus?

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