Author Spotlight: Patricia Lynne

I am loving the great cover on this week’s author spotlight and planning to add the book to my TBR list, pronto! Fancy being interviewed yourself – join in the fun here.

Being Human

Patricia Lynne

Tell us a brief summary of your book’s plot.
For Tommy, there is only one thing he needs to do: survive.

Only surviving isn’t that easy. The hunt for blood can be tricky when humans know to fear the night. Desire sits on the edge of his mind, urging him to become the monster humans think he is. Vampire Forces, a special branch of police, is determined to turn every vampire to ash. Tommy included.

The only human Tommy can trust is his twin brother. A bond connects them, and with Danny’s help, Tommy starts to understand the human world he struggles to survive in. He’ll learn what friendships means and feel the sting of betrayal, find that sometimes the worst monsters are very human, and come to understand that family means more than blood. Tommy just wants to survive and he knows what he needs to do. But with the number of humans that mean more to him than a meal growing, he’ll learn there’s more to life than simple survival. He’ll discover being human doesn’t mean being a human.

What was the inspiration for this story?
A book called Thirsty. It had a dark and depressing ending that left me wondering how the main character could turn his fate around. That eventually lead to Tommy and his twin, Danny, and a world where people knew vampires were real and Tommy’s struggle to survive.

Do you have any writing habits you would like to tell us about?
Not really. I don’t need anything particular to write, but eliminating distractions, like turning Twitter off, helps.

What is the hardest thing to manage when you start writing?
My energy. I have a fatigue problem (that I’m currently working on solving with my doctor) so while I may have plenty of time to get writing, if I don’t have the energy then I struggle to string a sentence together. I’d like to say a nap helps, but they can actually make things worse. Lately, I’ve been learning to take advantage of my days off at the job and get writing in during that time.

Name the three books currently topping your To Be Read list?
Of Blood and Sorrow by Christine Rains

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks (It’s the last book of the series and I don’t want it to be over!)

End of Days by Susan Ee

How important do you think a book’s cover is?
It’s probably one of the most important things to me. Being the first thing I see about a book, it has to catch my attention or I won’t pick it up and read the back.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose?
Just the thought of that kind of scares me. I’m an introvert, so working with someone is a terrifying thought. Pretty much no one comes to mind.

Catch Patricia on Twitter @plynne_writes and pick up her book at your favourite store below;

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  1. cleemckenzie 6 years ago

    Sorry about the fatigue, but glad you’re getting some help. As to collaboration, I’m of two minds. Sometimes I think it would be great to have a partner to share the work, but other times I don’t think I’d be very good at it. Congrats on the books, Patricia.

  2. Thanks for having me! It was lots of fun. Although, still terrified of your last question!

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