The Pomegranate

One of the religious symbols of the world and realms of Pangaea is the pomegranate. Sure, it seems like a humble fruit that decorates delicious salad plates but to the Ancient Greeks the pomegranate represented fertility, death, rebirth and hope.

The name comes from the Latin, ‘pomum granatum’, meaning ‘apple of many seeds’ and is directly featured in the myth of Persephone about the cycle of life. It was also thought to have originated from Aphrodite’s garden, a fruit from the goddess of love herself, as well as being consumed during Demeter festivals to boost fertility.

As a symbol of good luck, abundance, good health, love and fertility, the pomegranate has a role to play in Merry’s discovery of her past as well as a deeper meaning for the religious practices of the people of Pangaea.

Ruby Pomegranate

Here’s an extract from Wave Singers that begins to hint at the importance of the pomegranate in Pangaea;

Merry’s stomach gurgled hungrily and she realised she would have to actually eat something. Eyeing the spread of food, she reached out and picked up a ripe pomegranate that had been sliced in half.

There shouldn’t be any suspicious substances in this, Merry thought.

‘I haven’t had pomegranate in ages!’ exclaimed Merry, holding the glistening fruit and smiling. She looked up briefly as she spooned some of the ruby red fruit into her mouth and smiled, blushing as she realised everyone was staring at her. Dylan was staring at her open mouthed and she tried to diffuse the tension that had suddenly popped into the air by smiling wider once she had swallowed her treat.

‘Delicious!’ she declared, flashing another smile around the circle of bemused onlookers.

What are they all staring at? thought Merry, anxiously keeping her smile fixed in place and subtly trying to dab at her chin. Do I have juice all over my face or something?

She looked over at Lee to share a glance about the groups odd behaviour. She was still half-convinced they were using drugs. Leander’s face was ashen, his eyes fixed on the fruit she still held in her hand. Seeing her watching him, he tried to look relaxed again, but even as he leant back and ate a piece of fish, Merry could see he had gone pale.

What is going on? She demanded of herself, nervously putting the fruit down and watching as all the eyes in the circle followed her progress.

Slowly, people began to talk again, eyes occasionally flicking towards her or the pomegranate which still lay in the center of the spread of food. Lee seemed to be trying to eat as much food as was physically possible while also looking like he was on the verge of throwing up. Merry shook her head. This lot were definitely on something illegal.

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