God Profile: Persephone


Persephone (Purr – seph – A – KNee) is often thought of as a maiden, the beautiful girl born to the goddess Demeter by the god Zeus. Her story is horrific – wandering one day with her companions in the meadows gathering flowers, Persephone is kidnapped by the god of the Underworld, Hades. Down in the dark, she eventually gives in to hunger and eats six seeds of the pomegranate. Meanwhile, her mother is bringing about the destruction of mankind and the gods, by refusing to allow plants to grow.

Zeus eventually strikes a deal with Hades; for six months of the year, Persephone will return above the ground to her mother, an innocent maiden again. The other six months, she will reside in the Underworld, Hades’ dark queen.

In mythology and fairy lore, eating food of another world binds you to it and prevents you from ever returning to your own world. The deal Zeus strikes then, is unprecedented. In The Equilibria Series, the deal effectively splits Persephone into two constituent parts.

Persephone is therefore worshipped in many different forms through the land of Pangaea. The Mer most obviously venerate her as a goddess of water, creation and new life. The Cereans tap into her water side as well, worshipping her at dawn, in the Spring and bequeathing her with a black panther totem animal named Nox. The Titaians, as you will learn in Fire Dancer (out late 2015), praise her as Hades’ queen, her watery nature turned to molten rock and lava flows.

See Persephone in Wave Singers, Regent and Earth Drummer and in late 2015, Fire Dancer – find your copies on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Google Books.


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