Character Profile: Gentian

Join Gentian on his adventure in Earth Drummer, available now from Amazon.

Name: Gentian Jerrodson

Siblings: His twin sister, Geanna Jerrodson

Age: 18

Starsign: Taurus

Totem: A forest lynx named Tern.

Gentian is a farmer first and foremost. He loves to be outdoors exploring the woods and fields around his home with his totem, lynx Tern. He dreams of a future that includes a family of his own and a successful farmstead to carry on the family name. Grounded, stubborn and destined to be a healer, Gentian must learn all he can about his Shamanic gift. In love with the idea of love and protective of his twin sister Geanna, Gentian’s honest and reliable nature is about to get tested to the limit of endurance.

Cerean Fields Gentian Tern

Join Gentian on his adventure in Earth Drummer, available now from Amazon.


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