World Building: Earth Drummer

In Earth Drummer, Gentian and Geanna’s world is comparatively small to that experienced by characters in the rest of the Equilibria Collection. Without a journey or a quest, the trouble Gentian has to deal with is brewing at home, right under his nose.

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The land of Cerea was named for ‘Ceres’ the Roman version of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.

The Cereans live in family groups, in scattered farmholds where they work the land. There is one stronghold, a large town sectioned into quarters in accordance with the Cerean religion and respect for all the four gods of Pangaea. This stronghold acts as a base for the population of the land and is only ever fully occupied during festivals or times of need. For the most part, people live on their farms and only those who require medical help, or who have lost their family stay permanently.

I strongly based the Cerean lifestyle and visual descriptions based on trips to Wales & Italy, where that comfy, close-knit family bond is traditional and snug farmhouses nestle in verdant valleys. Simple, good food is of utmost importance and the people of Cerea live as one alongside the land, making the most of their natural green thumbs and communion with nature.

Cerean Fields Cerean Road Cerean River

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