Using CreateSpace Series: Why Print a Book?

Equilibria Series by Echo Fox

I never wanted a Kindle. My partner suggested I might want one for Christmas, and I turned him down. What did I want with an electronic book reader? How could it top the experience of reading an actual book? Luckily, he ignored me and gave me the ereader for Christmas that year.

Life-changing! I can now carry hundreds of books in my handbag at once. I can buy a new book on the move, whether I just saw an advert for it, got a recommendation at book club or finished its predecessor.

When it came time to publish my own books, online was the obvious choice. It gave me complete creative control over design, format and deadlines. It let me get on with all the marketing work and talk with my readers via Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

I love having my books available online, I firmly believe in the ebook movement and the rise of the Indie author. However; there is just something special about finally holding your book in your hands.

That’s where CreateSpace from Amazon came in. I was able to format my file, design the cover, proof the copy and finally, finally, that magic moment when my books were in the world. Paper and ink.

Buy Wave Singers, Earth Drummer and Air Riders on Amazon right now in 3D!

Follow the Twitter hashtag here #IndieBooksBeSeen or chat to me about the ebook vs. hard copy debate @EchoFoxBooks.


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