God Profile: Zeus

Image by Amy Western http://goo.gl/N0jghp

Image by Amy Western http://goo.gl/N0jghp

The god Zeus is well known in Greek mythology as the king of the gods of Mount Olympus, wielder of thunder and lightning. In Pangaean religion, he is one of four gods and not the ruling king, but an element that balances the four and brings equality to the land.

An absentee father to Persephone, Zeus is strong, preoccupied with maintaining balance and interested in standing on the sidelines to see how everything plays out. He is not overly active within religious society for the Zephyrus, or indeed any of the races of Pangaea.

Zeus’ lightning is a direct representation of the Zephyrus’ own powers over the air. The electricity charges the air particles to create light and energy. These creations are echoed by the boom of thunder, not unlike the Zephyrus’  ability to create seemingly solid items (usually hunting weapons) from single pure notes. During one of Zeus’ storms, there is enough energy in the air for the Zephyrus to enact a healing rite for any sick or hurt members of their tribe. It is a time for celebration, for feasting with the family and for washing the slate clean by resolving outstanding issues.

In Earth Drummer, Zeus is respected by the Cereans as the father of Persephone and husband to Demeter. His position on the godwheel leaves him in charge of warming the air and allowing the conditions to balance out perfectly so Demeter can grow the crops. The Cereans are respectful of all four gods, due to the need for balance in their work and an appreciation of each season leading to a successful harvest. He is worshipped at midday and his season is the Summer. His totem animal is Rael, an eagle.


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